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Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® Collection

Just about the time that many gardens are beginning to look a bit forlorn from the summer heat, Summerific® Hibiscus comes into its prime. Blooming from mid to late summer and well into fall, these stunners bear the largest flowers of any perennial with buds appearing up the stems, not just at the top like older varieties. Their large size and fast growth rate make Summerific® Hibiscus excellent specimen plants for the landscape. Surprising but true: these tropical looking beauties are hardy all the way down to zone 4! Though they emerge late in spring, they more than make up for it with vigorous growth and amazing flower power.

French Vanilla Hardy Hibiscus PPAF is a new color and a breakthrough for yellow Hardy Hibiscus. Soft yellow flower buds open to 7-8″ creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers with a prominent red eye. Compared to the industry standard ‘Old Yella’, this Hibiscus retains its yellow color longer, has a more compact habit, has red stems and deeper green, more attractive foliage, and a very prolific floral production. Blooms in July-September.

Part of the Proven Winners brand, it prefers rich, moist to wet soil and full sun to part sun.

(Image courtesy of Walters Gardens)