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Category: New Plants

New Plants

Fire Alarm Coral Bells

HEUCHERA x Fire Alarm PP24545 (Fire Alarm Coral Bells) Bigger and brighter than ‘Fire Chief’ or ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘Fire Alarm’ is bright red in spring and

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Postman Coneflower

ECHINACEA x BUTTERFLY™ Postman (Post301) PP28524 (Postman Coneflower) Fiery red flowers and a contrasting brown cone make for a lovely combination in this compact, long-blooming

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High Society Hosta

HOSTA x High Society PP17313 (High Society Hosta) This stunning sport of Hosta ‘June’ adds another beautiful plant to the line of great mutations from

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Golden Skipper Coneflower

ECHINACEA x BUTTERFLY™ Golden Skipper (Echgol243) PP28583 (Golden Skipper Coneflower) Golden Skipper is a strong plant that supports single, Meyer lemon-colored blooms. A compact, yet

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Bulletproof Hosta

HOSTA x Bulletproof (Bulletproof Hosta) Hosta ‘Bulletproof’ is a tetraploid of Hosta ‘Halcyon’. It features super thick, leathery foliage. Slugs have little chance of penetrating

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Prelude to Love Daylily

HEMEROCALLIS x Prelude to Love (Prelude to Love Daylily) Hemerocallis ‘Prelude to Love’ is a showy, deciduous perennial offering early to midsummer interest. A dramatic,

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Hot Pearls Astilbe

ASTILBE chinensis Hot Pearls (Hot Pearls Astilbe) A dashing display of rosy-red, feathery plumes create a bold pop of color. Blooming in summer, this hardy

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Windy City Globe Lily

ALLIUM x Windy City PP28100 (Windy City Globe Lily) ‘Windy City’ Globe Lily is a showy introduction by Brent Horvath and Intrinsic Perennial Gardens. The

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