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Scarborough Faire Label System

Our new labels are hip, with exciting colors and fun text. Take some time and read through a few! There are still those unique background colors, but updated with a funky, tie dye look. And the font is shagadelic, man! which makes it much easier to see.

There are now 5 categories of use as all of the Edibles have moved to our new veggie program!




Health & Beauty

Mixed Use

The labels still include expanded information on features and uses, but with fun text that harks back to the ’60’s, along with cultural requirements, size and bloom time. In the garden center try these merchandising ideas:

  • Group herbs according to background color: Kitchen, Mixed Use, etc. Don’t forget to use Scarborough Faire Color Cards for eye catching and informative merchandising.
  • Select some of the herbs used in the container recipes from our NEW Pocket Guide: ‘Growin’ Herbs in Containers ‘n Gardens’, together with pretty pots, potting soil and, of course, the Pocket Guides for a one stop shopping display.
  • Group herbs according to use: ‘herbes de provence’, ‘fines herbs’, ‘bouquet garni’
  • Highlight the herbs that thrive in shade or part sun
  • Group herbs according to regional use: Mexican, Italian, French, Middle Eastern
  • Display perennial herbs and annual herbs separately

Pint Size Pots

Scarborough Faire Herbs in pint size pots make them easy to plant in containers, for the windowsill, in knot gardens and between stepping stones.