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Additional Gardening Resources

Need some information about what to do in your garden each month? Melina Myers has it handled for you! Originally from Ohio, but a Wisconsin resident for the past 30 years, Melinda has become a guru for a growing number of people who are embracing gardening.

My Garden Life goes beyond the information provided on this site to embrace all things plant related: houseplants, garden trends, recipes, gift ideas, projects and more!

Many Landscape Professionals in Wisconsin use Northern Sunset and Native, Naturally! Perennials in their designs. Many of them are listed on this website under the Where to Buy link. The Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association provides more information about selecting a Landscape Professional who is a member of the WLCA.

American Horticultiral Society: A trusted source of high-quality gardening and horticultural information since 1922.

Perennial Plant
of the Year

Phlox x


of the Year

Hosta x
Mini Skirt

of the Year


Common Yarrow