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Scarborough Faire Herbs

Scarborough Faire’s got a groovy look! Check it out, man!

From old school to the super cool, Scarborough Faire Herbs have got it covered with a far out ’60’s vibe. Take a look at our list of 100 herbs and scented geraniums for the flower child in all of us.

  • Herbs continue to be in demand and an exciting part of our product mix. Whoo-hoo! We now offer over 100 varieties of herbs! Make sure you take advantage of this growing segment of the market.
  • Don’t forget…we also offer a series of “Pocket Guides to Growin’ & Usin’ Herbs”. (Tip: They are great for your in-store workshops!)
  • And we have Color Cards and a special Scarborough Faire Banner to go with them all.

Are our herbs grown organically?

The simple answer is no. However, none of the varieties are GMO. Our herbs are grown bio-rationally. We use biological agents wherever possible. We use the softest chemical control available when necessary. The result is the least effect on the environment. We live here, we work here, and we want to be able to use the herbs we grow in our own dinners.


At W. & E. Radtke, Inc., our selection of fine perennials, grasses, ferns, & daylilies is outstanding. We constantly strive to bring you the newest and best of the hardiest plants available today.

What’s New?

Adding new products to our offerings is a balancing act of customer requests, “filling-in” where we are lacking, refining what we already offer and the desire to bring you the best of the new varieties.

Label System

Our labels are clean, modern & simple to read, and with …the Colors of Success! system you’ve come to know. They will help you and your customers put the right plant in the right place for gardening success.

Color Cards

Northern Sunset Color Cards are an easy-to-read, large format cards with all the same great information contained in the …Colors of Success! Labeling system. Color Cards are available in every variety we grow. 

Pocket Guide

These pocket guides were developed to help you, the garden center or landscape professional, use and sell perennials effectively and to provide your customers with all the information they might need.