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Echinacea BUTTERFLY Series

Echinacea BUTTERFLY Series Bred by AB-Cultivars in the Netherlands, these improved single-flowered selections have amazingly saturated bloom colors on small-statured plants that are truly garden hardy in most of the US.  Bred for their size and amount of blooms, the Butterfly series was named because in the breeding fields in the Netherlands, hundreds of butterflies visit each and every plant.  It’s hard to take pictures for all of the butterflies!

Purple Emperor Coneflower PP24459 ‘Purple Emperor’ produces large, fragrant, saturated magenta purple blossoms on sturdy, well-branched stems that are held in perfect proportion to the bushy clump of deep green foliage.  As the flowers age, the tips of the petals turn a bit lighter pink, but the center remains a bright magenta color. Blooms from July-October.

Part of the Northern Sunset brand, it prefers rich, well-drained soil in full sun to part sun.