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White Gold Bleeding Heart

DICENTRA spectabilis White Gold (TNDICWG) PP27638  (White Gold Bleeding Heart) Old-fashioned Bleeding Hearts have been a challenge for us the last 5 years or so. They often carry a virus that is not apparent when they are shipped to the U.S. from Europe, only to become visible later in the spring. While we have had success growing (virus-free!) the pink variety from seed, the white variety is not available.

However, we are pleased to bring you THIS white flowered Dicentra! Brilliant-white, heart-shaped flowers and golden leaves on a plant that has great vigor is a big win. This Dicentra is so clean and fresh looking it will brighten any shade garden. Its beauty and reliability will amaze you.

A Northern Sunset perennial, it prefers rich, moist to well-drained soil in full shade to part sun.

(Image courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries)