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Sweethearts Larkspur

A Full Sun Perennial

Delphinium x elatum NEW MILLENNIUM Sweethearts is unbelievably impressive in the big and tall department. This is one of the best Delphiniums to grow! Yummy, extra large, deep to pale dusty rose pink blossoms form multiple, 3’+ spikes on ex­tremely strong stems for seriously decadent bouquets.

Delphinium New Millennium Hybrids produce high quality, sturdy, vertical spires that feature densely packed single and double petal blossoms. These F1 hybrids have been bred for form, stem strength, flower quality and growth habit. This majestic cold hardy perennial grows 36″ to 48″ inches tall and is ideal for lining fences, creating floral accents at the back of a border or as a rich color tapestry when planted in mass. Also known as the English Delphinium Hybrid or New Zealand Hybrids Mix, it has been bred to tolerate some heat and humidity in warmer climate zones. Experienced growers and producers tout this extraordinary variety as being far superior to Pacific Giants and consider it an excellent cut flower for market.

A Northern Sunset Perennial

Image courtesy of Jelitto Staudensamen Ghmb