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Underused Plants

Purple Gem Rockcress

Full Sun Perennial Aubrieta x Whitewell Gem is one of several plants going by the common name of rockcress. It is actually a lovely purple, not

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Snowcap Rockcress

Full Sun Perennial Arabis caucasica compacta Snowcap has abundant, fragrant flowers and attractive silvery foliage. A wonderful small-scale ground cover. Attractive cascading over stones, or

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Red Hobbit Columbine

Full Sun Perennial Aquilegia x Red Hobbit is a stunning perennial plant with vibrant, red-tipped blooms. This hardy species blooms from May until the first

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Blue Globe Onion

Full Sun Perennial Allium caeruleum also goes by a few other names, like Allium azureum and (very romantic) The Blue of the Heavens! An Heirloom

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Underused Perennials

There are lots of options when you are looking for new perennials to plant. New cultivars are being introduced every year, with better genetics that

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Side-oats Grama

Bouteloua curtipendula is a Wisconsin Native perennial grass that is found throughout the US. A tough plant, it tolerates drought and thrives in a wide

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Pretty Lady Emily Anemone

Anemone hupehensis PRETTY LADY Emily (PP22303) is a dwarf variety of Japanese Anemone. It produces large, semi-double pink blossoms on wiry stems above deeply divided,

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Blue Vervain

Verbena hastata is a Wisconsin Native perennial forb that is found throughout the US. It forms lovely candelabra-like spikes of tiny blue-purple flowers that rise

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