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Underused Plants

Golden Fleece Goldenrod

SOLIDAGO sphacelata Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece Goldenrod) Commonly referred to as Golden Fleece autumn goldenrod, this compact form of Solidago sphacelata was discovered in 1985

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Tall Blue Larkspur

DELPHINIUM exaltatum (Tall Blue Larkspur) Delphinium exaltatum is an attractive and floriferous native woodland-edge perennial that is equally at home in the home garden border. Growing

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Lemon Lace Vine

FALLOPIA aubertii Lemon Lace (Lemon Lace Vine) A welcome discovery by Bluebird Nursery staff member, Pam Bahns, this more refined, slower growing sport offers surprising

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Alexander Garden Loosestrife

LYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander PP10598 (Alexander Garden Loosestrife) Not to be confused with the noxious weed Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria). An outstanding selection from England, this

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Red Pearl Sweet Pea

LATHYRUS latifolius Red Pearl (Red Pearl Sweet Pea) Lathyrus latifolius ‘Red Pearl’ is an old-fashioned garden favorite. It is a fast-growing, perennial vine with fuschia-pink

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Purple Sea Lavender

LIMONIUM latifolium (Purple Sea Lavender) is easily recognized by its dense, cloud-like sprays of minute lavender-blue flowers. Sea Lavender blooms throughout summer, reaching peak flowering

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Double Sunstruck Sunflower

HELIOPSIS helianthoides Double Sunstruck PP26608 (Double Sunstruck Sunflower) Huge, bright golden yellow, daisy like flowers have sunny gold centers and contrast nicely with shimmery silver

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