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Starry Solomon’s Seal

Starry Solomon’s-Seal (Smilacina stellata or Maiantmum stellatum) is Native to woodlands in Wisconsin, Illinois and much of the US.  Part of the Lily family it is considered to be very easy to grow. It spreads readily in many sun and soil situations, up to 1-2′ per year by rhizomes.  Attractive leaves, flowers and green berries with maroon stripes that eventually turn bright red give the plant 3-season interest.  Narrower leaves and spike-like rather than feathery white flowers differentiate it from Solomon’s Seal (Maianthemum racemosa/Smilacina racemosa)

Part of the Native, Naturally! collection, it likes rich, moist to well-drained soil and part shade conditions: 

  1. Shade for the last half of the day
  2. Filtered sun
  3. Often an eastern exposure