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Purple Gem Rockcress

Full Sun Perennial

Aubrieta x Whitewell Gem is one of several plants going by the common name of rockcress. It is actually a lovely purple, not white, as its proper name would lead you to believe. This perennial forms splendid mats of color in the spring, is at home in a rock garden and needs well-drained soil to thrive. Rockcress works exceptionally well along walls, borders, and underneath spring bulbs to add color to a garden and hide dying foliage. With its compact, low-growing habit, rockcress acts as a color filler in the lower levels of the garden. For most of the growing season, these plants are a rich green, but during spring, they explode into mounds of blooms of richest purple. The flowers of rockcress are borne so fully that you cannot see the foliage.

A Northern Sunset Perennial

Image courtesy of Walters Gardens