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Prairie Iron Weed

Vernonia fasciculata is named for its tough stem and provides an excellent upright form in the garden. It has clusters of magenta-purple flowers atop 3’-6’ stalks from mid-summer to fall. This tall and stately plant grows in naturally moist soils and even tolerates brief flooding, it grows equally as well in the moderate moisture of the average garden. A pollinator magnet, Prairie Iron Weed is a top choice. The Xerces Society has identified Vernonia fasciculata as a special value plant for native bees and is the host plant for the American Painted Lady Butterfly.  To reduce self-seeding and encourage more flowers and longer bloom time Vernonia may be deadheaded. If a shorter height is desired, cut back by half around Father’s Day.

A Native, Naturally! Forb, it prefers full sun in rich, moist to wet soil.

Image courtesy of Prairie Nursery.