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Peter Cottontail Yarrow

Peter Cottontail Yarrow (Achillea ptarmica Peter Cottontail) has a look that’s reminiscent of Baby’s Breath, with large, ivory white flowers that are produced over a low, mounding habit of green foliage. The flower clusters on this perennial are more singular and well-spaced, great for adding texture to the garden! This perennial has larger individual flowers and a more polished habit. It has a very different look than typical Yarrows like Moonshine. Although it is named after a fictional rabbit, ‘Peter Cottontail’, it is mostly unbothered by both deer and rabbits.

Part of the Northern Sunset Perennial lineup, it likes average, well-drained to dry soil and can handle hot dry areas in full sun 

  1. Sun for most of the day
  2. All to mostly direct sun
  3. Usually a southern exposure