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Henryi Clematis

CLEMATIS x Henryi (Henryi Clematis) Clematis ‘Henryi’ is a garden classic, proving its garden worthiness for over a century. The large 6”–8” inch snow white flowers are perfectly formed with attractive ribbing down the center of each petal and contrasting coffee-colored anthers. Standing 8-10 feet tall, ‘Henryi’ makes a statement in the garden. A repeat bloomer, ‘Henryi’ blooms in May to June from the previous seasons’ growth, and then reblooms again in July to September. Enjoy ‘Henryi’ as a cut flower for indoor floral display. Plant to climb up a trellis, fence, or arbor, and make a beautiful home for Clematis ‘Henryi’.

Henryi does need a little more pruning care to encourage a good rebloom. In early spring before growth begins, prune any dead or weak stems. Prune other stems just above a healthy bud, removing spindly or damaged stems. Avoid heavy pruning or flowers will be lost. To encourage a second flush of flowers, after the first flush, prune some of the stems to a large bud or healthy side shoot just beneath a flower.

A Northern Sunset perennial vine, it prefers rich, well-drained soil in part sun to part shade.