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Canada Wild Rye

Elymus canadensis is a fast-growing prairie grass and makes an excellent nurse crop for prairie seedlings. It grows on almost any soil, including bare sand, gravel, and raw clay subsoil. When it is used in conjunction with a prairie restoration it matures in the first year or two and provides a stable base while other prairie grasses and flowers are still developing. It is also a great stabilization plant for slopes, ditches and other areas that require a thick root system. It grows quickly and can seed in its first year, adding to its usefulness in restoration.  Canada Wild Rye has charming seed heads that curve gracefully and resemble cultivated rye. A Wisconsin Native grass, it is a host plant for Zabulon and Woodland Skippers.

A Native, Naturally! Grass, it prefers full sun to part sun in any, moist to well-drained soil.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.