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Blue Globe Onion

Full Sun Perennial

Allium caeruleum also goes by a few other names, like Allium azureum and (very romantic) The Blue of the Heavens! An Heirloom bulb introduced in 1830, Allium caeruleum has beautiful 1″- to 2″-wide, cornflower-blue orbs comprised of dozens of starry florets accented with darker blue midveins. It’s height of about 24″ allows the wiry stems to dance above other shorter blooms or mingle with other Alliums and mid-size garden perennials. A garden can’t have too much of this beautiful and unusual color in June. Rabbit-, rodent- and deer-resistant, A. caeruleum is adored by bees, butterflies and other helpful pollinators. For best effect plant it in large clusters, and don’t let anyone weed the wiry stems as they emerge from the soil.