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Arctic Fox Rose Foxglove

DIGITALIS x ARCTIC FOX Rose (D. x Balroxose) PP31900 (Arctic Fox Rose Foxglove) A superior selection of Foxglove (Digitalis), Arctic Fox Rose brings magnificent tall spikes of velvety rose bells from May through September. We’ve been amazed at how long Arctic Fox Rose Foxglove blooms. Arctic Rose Foxglove is ideal for cottage gardens, cutting gardens, borders and pollinator gardens. Try it in the center of your mixed containers for a super thriller. Its wonderful flowers stay upright and don’t flop like other varieties. Arctic Fox Rose is a true perennial hybrid foxglove that comes back year after year instead of biennially, like other foxgloves.

A Northern Sunset perennial, it prefers average, well-drained to moist soil in part sun to part shade.

(Image courtesy of Ball Horticultural)