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Tidal Pool Speedwell

Veronica x Tidal Pool (PP23341) is a hybrid prostrate speedwell, selected from a cross made at the Chicago Botanic Garden in 2007 between Veronica armena and Veronica pectinata ‘Rosea’, two already popular prostrate speedwells. This selection has inherited the best traits from both parents: it’s denser and faster spreading than either parent, with small oaklike leaves that are medium green with a faint silvery-blue cast. The plants cover themselves with medium to deep blue-violet flowers from May to June. The rest of the growing season, they settle into attractive groundcovers that seem to handle cold, heat, humidity, rain, and drought equally well. For use in full sun as a groundcover, edging plant, in the rock garden, or cascading over rocks or walls. The plant will tolerate some light foot traffic. Dense enough to suppress some weed growth. May make a good bluegrass lawn substitute in dryland states. Well-drained soils recommended. Very drought tolerant.