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SERIOUS BLACK™ Bush Clematis

Clematis recta SERIOUS BLACK™ is completely different than vining Clematis, SERIOUS BLACK™ is a bush type that it can stand up on its own but also is the perfect companion for taller perennials like Delphiniums which can be used for support. It is easily grown in decorative patio containers as well.

The name SERIOUS BLACK™ references its extraordinarily dark purple new foliage which matures to deep olive green.

In late spring to early summer, antique ivory colored blossoms about the size of a nickel appear in clusters reminiscent of Sweet Autumn Clematis. They often reappear in midsummer, blooming on the deep purple new growth, and silvery seed heads follow in fall. You can imagine how the light-colored blossoms jump out against the dark foliage; the effect is stunning!

Image courtesy of Walters Gardens

This plant is no longer available from W. & E. Radtke, Inc. It is archived for informational purposes.