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Salmon Star Oriental Lily

Salmon Star Oriental Lily

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LILIUM x ORIENTAL HYBRID Salmon Star (Salmon Star Oriental Lily) Delicate salmon-hued petals have a vivid coral stripe down the center. The warm, soft color pairs beautifully with many other colors in the garden and fresh floral bouquets. Oriental Lily Salmon Star’s extremely fragrant flowers measure up to 6″ across.  Oriental Lilies are one of the most beautiful of all lilies and their fragrance permeates the garden air. These are the lilies that florists favor for summer bouquets and bridal centerpieces. Blooming later in the season than most other lilies, these exotic beauties are truly spectacular in color and flower size. Over the past few years, the demand and interest in Oriental Lilies has grown dramatically.

A Northern Sunset perennial, it prefers average, well-drained soil in full sun to part sun.