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Underused Perennials

There are lots of options when you are looking for new perennials to plant. New cultivars are being introduced every year, with better genetics that may bloom longer, resist disease better or are larger or shorter than its parent. However, that does not mean they are all treated equally. Some plants get more attention than others, due to advertising, or the recommendation of a popular personality. It may be because the new variety is hardier, showier, or less aggressive than others. Or maybe because it tolerates a wide range of conditions or blooms longer. The reasons why are endless.

There are plenty of perennials that simply go under the radar and do not get the attention (or space in the garden) that they deserve. Perhaps they have fallen out of favor or need a very specific situation in the garden. That does not mean they are not garden worthy.

Are you tired of the usual suspects? Maybe you want to plant something that makes your visitors ask, “What is that?” Or are you simply feeling inspired to try something new? If any of these are ringing a bell, we present here a list of underused perennials for you to consider. Check out this blog every week during the growing season or dig into the archives from years past.