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Golden Fleece Goldenrod

SOLIDAGO sphacelata Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece Goldenrod) Commonly referred to as Golden Fleece autumn goldenrod, this compact form of Solidago sphacelata was discovered in 1985 and introduced by Mt. Cuba Center in 1989. It is an adaptable perennial that will thrive in a wide variety of conditions, from full sun to part-shade and in average to dry soils. ‘Golden Fleece’ autumn goldenrod can be used as an edging or container plant in formal spaces and cottage gardens or incorporated in naturalistic settings as a specimen or groundcover. Condensed flower spikes produce blooms from mid-September to October that are frequently visited by late season pollinators. Great garden companions for Solidago sphacelate ‘Golden Fleece’ include Symphiotrichum novae-angliae, Schizachyrium scoparium, Vernonia angustifolia, Coreopsis palustris, and Carex pensylvanica.

A Northern Sunset perennial, it prefers average, well-drained soil in full sun.